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Winter 2018 Innovation Bioscience: Introduction to Life Science Commercialization Program

  • Workbar Cambridge 45 Prospect Street Cambridge, MA, 02139 United States (map)

Innovation Bioscience is a training and incubation initiative focused on bridging the gap between biomedical research and healthcare need. Life science professionals across the spectrum drive innovation and are well positioned to be domain-expert entrepreneurs filling a much-needed gap in translation and commercialization. Entrepreneurship can be an attractive career track for some, but many lack the background and experience necessary to engage with new venture creation opportunities.

Additionally, many equate “entrepreneurship” with exclusively starting new companies, and while this can often be the case, entrepreneurial skills and experience can have far reaching and rewarding applications particularly toward leveraging existing intellectual property (IP).

Program Founders:

●    Fernando Albertorio, PhD -Dr. Albertorio brings a background spanning biotechnology and physics and has raised over $1 million in grant funding throughout his career. He is the co- founder of three successful organizations: Libboo, a TechStars company and the Cambridge Hackspace, anon-for-profit maker-spacewith over a thousand registered makers. Currently, Dr. Albertorio is the co-founder and CEO of Sunu (focused on wearable devices for the visually impaired) a 2014 Mass Challenge winner and recipient of the 2014 Perkins AssistiveTechnology Prize, and the 2015 LATAM Concordia XCalaprize. He serves as an advisor to various companies, is an alum in residence at MassChallenge, and one of the co-organizers for Boston Startup Weekend Edu currently in residence at the Y-Combinator.

●    StevenMunevar, PhD, MBA– Dr. Munevar is a multidisciplinary professional and founder of the life science technology development and commercialization firm, Munevar& Associates, Inc. He is an avid supporter of the entrepreneurial space serving as a regularly invited mentor and speaker to programs such as the New England Science Symposium, the OneStart Healthcare Accelerator, and is the founder of the ongoing event and networking series, Science Shaping Our World-SHOW. Dr. Munevar is also the founder of the non-profit virtual research incubator, the Helix Bioscience Institute-HBI as well as serving as an advisor to life science companies.

Program Overview:

Our intensive 6-week “Introduction to Life Science Commercialization” takes participants working in teams through the entire product development and commercialization process. Program participants will apply key concepts toward ideating, building, and pitching novel start-up proposals to a panel of experts in the space. Additionally, course participants will build transferable skills in areas ranging from communication, leadership, team building, problem framing, and the process of testing and validating potential market-ready business opportunities. Lastly, participants will gain exposure to the vibrant start-up ecosystem of the Greater Boston area (and beyond) through guest speakers, panelists, and project mentors.

As we look to a future of growing unmet healthcare need, and a growing stockpile of IP locked within “academia”, we see an opportunity for biomedical professionals to make a significant impact in healthcare and beyond. To realize this opportunity, we need to close the gap between basic research and the development of novel healthcare therapeutics, medical devices, and diagnostics among others. Through an intense experiential training program and project driven approach, we seek to provide biomedical researchers and clinicians (among others) with the training and resources needed to help bridge the research bench to patient bedside. Our programs introduce participants to the foundational entrepreneurial and business concepts needed to transfer technologies from ideation to a viable commercial business opportunity.

We look forward to having you join us on February 10th for, Introduction to Life Science Commercialization.


Disclaimer Statement

 The information presented in the program is intended to serve only as an educational and professional development resource. No promise of career advancement and/or commercialization success is implied or asserted and participants acknowledge that new venture creation/commercialization is associated with significant risk of loss.

  • The materials employed and opinions expressed in this program are based on the presenter's proficiency, experience, and cumulative knowledge of the topic(s) addressed.
  • No representations or warranties are implied or asserted regarding the accuracy and/or completeness of this programs contents and/or its use for any and all purposes selected by program participants.
  • Program participants should confer with all departmental, legal, accounting, and other appropriate professionals before employing program contents toward new venture creation and/or any other related application.
  • Program participants assume all liability and hold harmless Munevar & Associates, Inc. and its associates and subsidiaries regarding any loss and/or damages resulting from the use and/or application of program materials/contents.

All program materials are subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced, resold, represented, and/or redistributed without the express written consent of Munevar & Associates, Inc.