Life Science Commercialziation Program

Educate, incubate, and accelerate life science research to bridge the gap between biomedical research and healthcare need.

Inventors Aren't the Only Ones That Can Become Entrepreneurs

We have created a program that seeks to leverage both existing and publicly available for licensing intellectual property (IP), as well as traditional new venture creation, toward better addressing unmet healthcare need.

Using this model previous program participants developed proposals for new ventures tapping existing IP that span:   

  • Smart gel based extended delivery system for rheumatoid arthritis therapeutics.
  • Screening and development of novel adjuvant(s) molecules for improved vaccine efficacy.
  • Intracranial stimulation and patient data collection for alleviating treatment resistant depression.
  • Bi-specific antibody based cancer therapeutic targeting CD47 for a variety of cancer types.
  • Novel wearable aggregated technology for monitoring cardiac diseases, specifically congestive heart failure.
  • Metabolic sensing wearable for easy, accurate, measurement of exercise levels to helps users maximize exercise efficiency and avoid injury.
  • Surgical device for rapid intracranial pressure relief following injury. Portable, battery operated, drilling device that can relieve high pressure from the cranium following trauma by trained non-neurosurgical personnel while en route to long distance healthcare facilities.
  • Collagen 23 biomarker based cancer diagnostic allowing for rapid and sensitive urinary diagnostic for non-small cell lung cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Synthetic probiotics that can convert intestinal ammonia into an amino acid, which is flushed out of the body through the stool, specifically for Urea Cycle Disorders and hepatic encephalopathy.
  • Application of mTOR phospho-proteome signature to predict the effect of mTOR inhibitors, specifically in kidney cancer.
  • Long-term drug-eluting contact lens for the safe and accurate drug delivery that is rapid, easy to deploy. and will ensure proper patient/drug compliance.


Overall the instructors really helped us in shaping the product and presentation.

We got more support and help than expected and that was really what kept us going on in a big way.

This has been a terrific program delivered by experienced entrepreneurs who have been there. It is a very high-value course.

I had a really fun time, and Steven and Fernando were both friendly and helpful.
— Previous Program Participants