Program graduates in their own words:


Every skill development class talks about importance of transferable skills, but in reality, skills you learned from one field cannot be directly apply to another until you learn how to “repurpose” those skills and make them relevant for the new field. As a bench scientist who was planning to transition out of academia without knowing how to do it, Steve and Fernendo’s class provided me with timely guidance on how to repurpose my skills on scientific inquiry, communication, and hypothesis testing in the context of life science entrepreneurship. It’s been a year since I completed the class and I just launched my own startup company connecting academic research projects with industry sponsors.”

Jennifer Ro, Ph.D. Co-Founder, COO at CuriousReactor and Co-Founder, CEO at Flidea

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The commercialization course was such a terrific blend of didactic info on the many facets of advancing technology from innovation to a commercialized product and actual practice. The course included a mock advancement of a technology from concept to early commercialization with evaluations and assembling pitches and presentations just as would be required to move a technology from academia toward commercialization. Steve and Fernando have terrific real world experience and assembled many star studded groups of entrepreneurs and experts to speak throughout the course. It is a high value education for anyone looking to commercialize a new technology.

David Hoganson, MD, Assistant in Cardiac Surgery Instructor in Surgery winner of Boston Pediatric Device Strategic Partner Challenge and Boston Pediatric Device Consortium Start-Up Pitch Award Recipient


Julie Norville, Ph.D. CTO and Co-founder (along with Dr. George Church) at Jura Bio, Inc.